Omegle – a random video chat
The global network today is a place where a great number of people spend a lot of time, communicate, earn money, promote their products and look for the necessary information.

Online dating is very popular today. There are many dating sites and social networks: sites where users find like-minded people, get acquainted with men and women, try to find a soulmate.

If you want to see and hear your interlocutor like in real life, only the video chat can offer these opportunities to you. The video chat is a window into the exciting world of communication.

Omegle is the equivalent of the chat-roulette.

The random video chat is a service that is simple and yet very popular among users. It is often compared with the chat-roulette. There are indeed a lot of similarities: spin the roulette's wheel and get some result. In the video chat your result is an offered interlocutor.

Omegle web service is one of the most popular platforms for quick and anonymous communication. Omegle is considered to be practically the first video chat-roulette appeared in the United States.

It is online communication. The partner is randomly selected from those users who are on the site at the moment. A characteristic feature of this video chat is the anonymity. The system offers you an unknown interlocutor. If you are embarrassed to communicate via video chat, you can use only a text chat.

Omegle web service is an English-speaking service. Moreover, the users of this platform have the opportunity to determine their preferences and interests. On the basis of these wishes Omegle will be able to select people with similar preferences and then offer them.

The features of Omegle:

This free video chat is one of the first of its kind and it is still popular. Although many chat-roulettes are similar to this web service, Omegle has its own distinctive features.

For instance:

– the work of this platform began with a random text chat. Then a video was added to the text. So now the users can use both ways of communication there;
– people communicate with complete anonymity. The system does not require any registration, confirmation via mobile phone or email;
– communication is free. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the way people conversate. A poor knowledge of English can be the only limit;
– a great number of users who can be online;
– the service is available for the use on all popular platforms for the mobile devices.

What are the disadvantages of the Omegle?

In general, the Omegle system is quite convenient and simple. In addition, the anonymity and random selection for the interlocutor make it very popular.

Among the disadvantages we can highlight:

– the inability to find an interlocutor by country;
– the advertisements;
– some users experience inconvenience in managing the service.